5 Uses of Facebook ID and How to find it

5 Uses of Facebook ID and How to find it

5 Uses of Facebook ID and How to find it

Facebook is a social media platform with over 2.9 billion active users globally. It has become a vital tool for individuals, businesses, and organizations to connect with each other, share information, and promote their products and services.

Facebook ID is a unique identifier that Facebook assigns to every user, page, group, and application on its platform. It is an essential aspect of the Facebook ecosystem and has various uses.

In this article, we will discuss the different uses of Facebook IDs and explain how to find Facebook IDs using a toolsable website. Additionally, we will explore why we need Facebook ID.

Uses of Facebook ID

Login Authentication

Facebook ID is used as a login credential to access Facebook and its associated apps and services. By providing your Facebook ID, you can log in to your Facebook account, Messenger, Instagram, and other Facebook-owned properties. It saves users from creating multiple login credentials for different services.

Profile Identification

Facebook ID serves as a unique identifier for every user on Facebook. It distinguishes one user from another and makes it easier for people to find and connect with each other. By using Facebook ID, you can search for other users, pages, and groups on Facebook. You can also send friend requests, join groups, and follow pages using Facebook ID.

Ad Targeting

Facebook ID is a crucial component of Facebook's advertising platform. Facebook uses the data collected from users to create targeted ads. Advertisers use Facebook ID to target specific users based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. Facebook ID enables advertisers to create custom audiences and reach people who are more likely to engage with their ads.

App Development

Facebook ID is required to create and use Facebook applications. Facebook developers use Facebook IDs to access user data and develop custom applications. Facebook ID allows developers to build apps that integrate with Facebook's features, such as login, sharing, and user data access.

Page and Group Administration

Facebook ID is also used for page and group administration. Every Facebook page and group has a unique Facebook ID, which allows the administrator to manage and control the content and users of the page or group. Page administrators can use Facebook ID to track engagement metrics and manage page settings, while group administrators can use Facebook ID to moderate content and membership.

How to Find Facebook ID using Toolsable Website

Toolsable is a website that provides a simple tool to find Facebook IDs. Here are the steps to find Facebook ID using Toolsable.

  • Go to toolsable online web tools.
  • Scroll down to the "Find Facebook ID" tool.
  • Enter the URL of the Facebook profile, page, or group you want to find the ID for
  • Click on the "Find Now" button
  • The Facebook ID will be displayed on the screen

Why do we need Facebook ID


Facebook ID provides an added layer of security to users. It ensures that only authorized users can access their Facebook account and associated services. It also makes it easier for Facebook to track and prevent unauthorized access and hacking attempts.


Using Facebook ID as a login credential for various services saves users from creating and remembering multiple login credentials. It provides a more streamlined and convenient user experience.

Social Connectivity

Facebook ID makes it easier for users to find and connect with each other on the platform. It facilitates social connectivity and enables users to share their experiences and interests with others.


Facebook ID is essential for Facebook's advertising platform. Advertisers use Facebook ID to target specific audiences and create personalized ads. This, in turn, enables businesses to reach their target audience more effectively and generate more leads and sales.


Facebook ID is a crucial component of Facebook's ecosystem. It provides various benefits to users, including enhanced security, convenience, social connectivity, and targeted advertising.

Facebook ID serves as a unique identifier for users, pages, groups, and applications on Facebook, enabling users to log in to Facebook and its associated services, search and connect with other users, and create and manage pages and groups.

Additionally, Facebook ID is used by developers to build custom applications that integrate with Facebook's features.

Toolsable provides a simple and easy-to-use tool for finding Facebook ID. By entering the URL of the Facebook profile, page, or group, users can quickly obtain the Facebook ID associated with it. This tool can be useful for users who need to find the Facebook ID of a specific user, page, or group, such as marketers and advertisers.


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